A Simple Turntable Application demo?


These are nodes he is adding - not scripts


This is confusing me, that’s it, I am not using the pack.


Ok - I’m lost. What is confusing you. If your not using the stuff from logic pack, I am not sure what the issue is. If you are, the logic pack adds nodes not bundled scripts. They are two different things.


Hey, I followed your description and I checked your video to see if I did it right and it looks good, but I still don’t have the nodes.

My setup:


  • logicnode_definitions
  • Sources
    and so on…


I restarted blender and went to the node editor.
I have everything just as you have, but I am missing the “look” node. Search wont find it, no entry in the Shift-A-List.

Any idea? I can only find the “look at” node.


If you are using the Alpha version (the latest one) of armory, the logic pack is not working. I understand that there were some changes to the code in Armory that have not been updated yet.


hmm…I think it is updated and it should work now(look at commit message “Init b28”)


Oh geez thats it! gonna test it later but I am glad for your information!
Thank you!