ACXT3R - the Armory community shooter


Good idea butt i think we must finish the base game( shoot,enemy etc )


Yes, I will be first of all studying what has been done until now and writing a conceptual part


In the main Version there is now a cube (as placeholder for a 2d Coursor) in which direction all the lasers fly. My idea is that the Cube should follow your mouse, but my brain just doesnt get how the MouseCords and Screen Space to World Space node work. Their centerpoint seems to be random everytime, but Idk.


Hey Simonrazer,
I’ve just tried the update here. I can see the idea but I’m not sure if I see the same that you do :slight_smile:
Which Armory version are you using? It’s yet the build 13 or are you updating from Git?


Build 14 is already out, so I used that one


Figured out a way in which the Lasers fly in a straight line without moving to the sides, but this would need them to be Rigidbodys, what creates two problems. 1. Collision with the Jet has to be deactivated, and I do not know how to do that and 2. there is a bug (@lubos) that Rigidbodys which are spawned with the “Spawn Object” Node still spawn at 0,0,0, dispite a Transform being plugged in the “Spawn Object” Node.


Colision Groups, the property in the rigid bodies settings that allowed to deactivate the collision with the jet weren’t working on build 13, I have to update to 14 to see if it works now.


Can someone please help me I do not understand why it is spawning 2 Lasers at one gun-empty where there should only be 1. Uploaded blend as “help”


Been a while hasn’t it? Anyway, took a break from school so here’s a lower poly ship just because. Obviously, it is a work in progress and I have only done the modeling thus far. Suggestions?


Looks very cool! From where will the shots come out?


All those little-domed tubes in the sides are micro missiles. Other then that, I could put a gun on the top right above the cockpit or on the ends of the wings or underneath the wings.


I think it is a realy strange bug, since a as close as I think necessary recreation of this scene makes only one Laser spawn. I unfortunatly have no idea what triggers it. But I am now sure that my logic nodes are correct :grin:.
Updated “help” if someone wants to take a look at it.

I also turned on the debug mode, where you can see the objects of the scene in the inspector, and turned off Vsync to make it update quicker (didnt fix it in original scene).


Finaly found the the cause for the issue, the “Shooting”-Trait has to be on the Jet, not on the two Gun-emptys.


Finaly got a coursor to work, but when the mouse leaves the game-window, the coursor (currently a cube) gets an offset. So there should be a way to prevent the mouse from doing that. The easy answer is to let the game just run at fullscreen, but it was decided that ACXT3R is in vertical portrait mode.
And also the Laseres still collide with the Jet.
And a little bit of finetunig the values is still needed.
Also added a Suzanne to shoot, which disapears when hit 10 times (but the nodes for that are still in the “Shooting” trait, which is suboptimal).
Updated my version on Drive


Hey Simonrazer and Sirgeorge,

Nice ship! :slight_smile: Imagine if all that rockets would fire at the same time.

You are one of those legendary guys aren’t you? :slight_smile:
It’s impressive the progress you made so far!
I see that now the thrusters animation works exactly as intended :smiley:

I’ve made just now a cursor object (to replace the cube) and updated the main file.

Autosmooth, the most important feature in blender for modeling to games, seems to not work some times…

I’ve been using edge split modifier, but that won’t work for deformable character for example.


Ho! Almost forgot… I’ve added a bit of scenery as well :slight_smile: Later, when the game asks for it I’ll make one bigger.

The texture is inside the “Levels” -> “ArmoryCity”. If you don’t see the same that in the screen-shot something went wrong.

I’ve tried to place the level (model + texture) there and Link it to the main file, but it didn’t build, so I had to append it :confused:

Have a great weekend guys!


I know it’s getting a bit off topic, but made a bit of progress with my ship the black scarab:

(it’s all cycles)

The wires might have a higher poly count, but it would be interesting to see how Armory3D handles them.


Hey Sidar, it’s looking great!
Armory possibly can handle anything, but some hardware don’t :slight_smile:

Like in any video-game we need to make a low-poly version of it, unwrap it and bake the details to Normal Maps.
I can do all that for you if you like.

The ships can be made with all the details you guys imagine on the original model… but, in the end geometry it should not pass the 500 triangles.

The reason of this:
- We need to keep the look more or less coherent;
- We need to keep this playable even on a 2 years old cell phone (for any possible release and keep it accessible for most people), with many ships on screen, scenery and special effects.

After that I think it’s good to replace Suzanne on the game.
For now, we need an enemy ship to blast :sweat: sorry!
But later it can still go to a playable ship as you envisioned it for.

What do you say?

During next weeks I’ll do the animation of my ship blasting.
Basically it will be just a bunch of objects that will appear as soon the ship disappears (been hit) :slight_smile:


I’ve been a developer who had to deal with graphical performance issue, I’m aware of the process =P.
I was more thinking in the line of high-end targets who could have more fidelity. Baking down to normal maps is something that needs to happen anyway. Won’t Armory support multi rez assets?

The cables are bezier curves with bevel on them. So that won’t work here anyway.

It’s fine if you use them as enemies, unlocking enemy ships with different color pallets can easily be hacked into the “story”.


FINALLY got a easily extendable Method of Hit-recognition to work. But it will have to be changed as soon as Enemyships could collide which each other. But for the other system to work anywhere else then in my head “Is None”/“Is not None” have to be able to accept “null”-variables/work.
For adding a new enemy, just make your Object a Rigid-body and add the “Enemy” Trait to it.
Updated my version on Drive
What would be next? @rogper mentioned explosions, so I am down for that. But also enemy AI would be important, but I have never done that before, so this might take even longer for me to do.
If anyone feels like he could contribute something, go for it!

@Sidar it is possible to convert Curves to Meshes(Alt-C)and then apply a Decimate-modifier, it does a pretty good job at decimating the polygon-count :slight_smile: