ACXT3R - the Armory community shooter


Well… ACXT3R it ain’t done yet :slight_smile: I at the moment am under a big pressure with my work, and at the same time I’m also waiting for Armory to get more stable (many things broken since last armory updates) to get at least a full level, with a boss and everything, playable.

But starting another project is always a good idea :slight_smile:


Updated main file to a version that is working in current Armory (all Gate nodes were broken), put “To Bool” everywhere where before was some bad mechanism to fake it, which resulted in a bit better hitreg. Also redid the “Spawner” trait to not spawn ships at exact locations but in random places between to points out of sight in front of the player.
All animation is still gone, is there a version around where it is still present in Blender (not working in Armory, that is impossible), gonna try to re-implement them when I find them.


Updated main file with Player Death and Thruster animations, I unfortunately couldn’t find any enemy death animations anymore. Fixed two bugs, that you could die twice when being shot at when the Player was already dead and that the Player was able to shoot while being dead.


Hey Simonrazer, I have the animations backup :slight_smile: I’ll send them as soon as possible.
I’m in the midle of complicated deadlines now, but I’ll upload them as soon I can.

Hey Simonrazer, I’ve uploade to “put your version here” an old version backup that still has the death animations on both player and enemy. Please when you have time let me know if you can append them.
If not I’ll do it when I get a bit more of time.
Best regards


Added them again in the main file. Man this was a nightmare, making it possible that there are multiple enemies exploding at the same time with the animation for the later started one not playing from the middle of the animation.


I’ve just spoted this post in Blendernation about the ACXT3R :slight_smile: