Anybody Tried Awesome Bump/Materialize?


Hey everybody,

I found this cool looking tool on GitHub that is supposed to help you get material parameters for your materials from reference images:

I can’t try it because it doesn’t seem to work on my horrible graphics card, but I thought that it could be really useful.

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Try this one

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Tried it once, turned my computer screen black, and I bought B2M.



I tried but i had problems with OpenGL drivers.

A recent but very interesting Blender alternative with GPL license :



I found a linux port of Materialize and started playing around with it and it works great! I didn’t have to even tweak the creation parameters and the generated height, normal, smoothness, and occlusion maps made the surface look amazing!

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Wow. Where did you found it?



In this fork:

There was a GitHub issue about it on the main materialize repo.


Delighting and PBR textures

Hi, i still developing the tool with focus on linux, but it can work on windows and mac also. Please, give it a try in the v0.3 version, i’m happy you found my port, any sugestion, please, send a email to



Just to say that the Windows Build is now oficial and the Mac Build is just waiting for a tester.

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