Armory,Blender, Game Reaches 500


Just a check in post here, I have reached over 500 subscribers and things are still moving forward. There are a few more Node videos out and at least one more Mistwire tutorial. I have one product out on the Gumroad market and am working on another. With this new one I will be releasing a Armory template for free to the community. I hope to have all that done in the next couple weeks. Much more in the works too.

Recharger Pack Product:


The most interesting is MistWire, it shows how gameplay is setup with nodes assuming people already know nodes logic.


500! Nice job! i guess you can change the title of this post now!


LOL didn’t even realize I could do that. DONE!!!


Congrats on 500! That’s a great feat. Have you thought about doing a 3d platformer type thing, or maybe 2.5d where the character only goes left and right and the camera follows along. Could show how to implement the animation actions using nodes and such too. It would be a great series I think. If Armory is able to do that yet. I have only looked at it a little, but it seems like a nice engine.

It also seems it might take a while to reach maturity cause the developer spreads himself too thin with multiple projects. But maybe there are more people working on the engine?


Because Armor paint is the most supported money side.
Armory will need some good showcase to show it can do good games like Unity or Unreal 4, then it should get more support.

To make 2.5 games Armory needs axis lock like Godot 3


Oh okay I see. I didn’t know Armory Paint was so popular and purchased so much to fund its development. I can see why now. If Armory is free, it only makes sense to develop the one that costs money since it funds the developer.

That would be a great feature. I guess you could fake it by putting a mesh barrier to block the character from moving forward or backward on the Z axis, or Y axis I guess it is in 3D for Blender, and then just hide the mesh so that it’s not seen and just let the collider do the work. /shrug


It won’t work well, you’ll have friction and angular velocity issues.
The very best is axis lock like Godot 3 or or Unity.


Ah gotcha. I guess there’s no physics material to prevent friction against a collider then huh?


You can change friction, well … try it.


Haha I’m guessing it doesn’t produce the best results. I’ll wait a bit for development to get better. In the meantime, I’ll just tinker with it here and there. I’m pretty much into Unity and was just checking out this engine to see what it was about.


For axis locking in physics, there is an angular factor setting that you can just set to zero to lock that axis. Is that what you are wanting? It is the Arm Physics ( I think that is what it is called ) panel at the bottom of the physics tab in Blender. I use it to keep my character from falling over ( not sure if I am misunderstanding the problem ).


I will put that in the list. I have about 4 projects I am currently trying to get ready for videos. But that may be something that would work. Thanks for the support.


I really like your video tutorials in the forums, you are only