Armory Engine Mascot?


What about the blender monkey, Suzanne. Simply textured, hopefully procedurally :slight_smile: maybe even mesh generated lol.

Simply Suzanne with brave heart paint on face, representing the freedom Armory provides for us from other platforms. Could still do a helmet, but whatever it is, should be light.

My other thought was like a Samurai Sword Armory, the alien ninja above got me thinking like that. The idea being lengends surrounding the perfect Samurai swords craftsmen. Combine these 2 types of thought, really have something imho.


Here is a quick character I did based off the Blender Logo as well as Yup Yups on Disney Junior (one of my son’s favourite little shorts on that channel). Here is an unfinished render of the posed high resolution character. I could easily convert this to game character.


I think the mascot should be something that is visually simple, like Susanne or Tux, so that it is easy to incorporate into logos and other graphics and gives way to more creative interpretations. If it can be done in a small SVG file, it is good by my standards.
A full 3d render should be secondary or even tertiary to that.


That’s why I made my design in the style of Suzanne above. I had the same thought process as you raingloom.


I’ve got it. As a way of saying thank you for giving me the Armory,I’ve come up with a new mascot. Lubos the Samurai Wolf.


Suzanne with a helmet sounds like an awesome idea. perfectly adds to the idea of armory making blender an invincible complete 3d package (blender game engine used to be crappy until blender got armored… with Armory! :grinning:). also a challenge would be fun. will definitely participate.

Post script: I feel this comment will be incomplete if i don’t tell y’all just how experienced i am :wink: so yeah totally unfair advantage because i have 50 years experience so don’t bother competing… i already won :grin:.
seriously guys chill. i don’t think anyone cares. i also don’t think anyone here’s gonna take loosing this challenge personal. the fun is in the challenge not the winning


I think it could be a great idea to have more than one mascot, I was thinking on a shield with eyes, or something like that. :slight_smile:


Maybe the mascot could be more of a full-blown character, something to actually use in a prototyping stage of a game build?


This should be it.[quote=“scionicspectre, post:6, topic:36”]
I always thought a wolf would be neat, maybe with an Armory-pink handkerchief tied around its ankle. You know, because Luboš means ‘wolf’ or ‘love’. It’ll never happen because he’s so humble, but I still think it would be a cool easter egg. :wink:

This could be it.


Yes…this could work.



Font: Mechanic Gothic by T.26
Logo_Design: Myself via Blender 3D

PS: Logo is symmetrical, but turned about 45 degrees. So now it has got the shape of an “A” ~ like Armory. It’s minimalistic and impartial like the Unity3D logo.

What do you think?


Oh, that reminds me. What about an Armory splash screen? That sounds like a fun time.


The main vision was some sort of 3D Origami folding. To get the impression that you can fold any shape (here: game) you want out of vertices, edges and faces with Armory. The very sharp edges at each end of the logo should represent the precision and efficiency of the engine and also illustrates the esthetic militarism of the name “Armory” itself. Militarism also stands for high-end industry, like the game engine also embodies.

I must admit the logo was a quick approximation of my idea, it has to be rebuild for the actual logo if necessary.


That’s a very cool idea.

I would integrate a splash screen everytime I start the engine. Unity 3D/ UE4 marked their (free) game engine with a logo everytime you launch your own game. Only pro-versions can unlock this. I think Armory should be free of this branding inside the actual game in terms of a splash screen, but I think we are all the same opinion .:smiley:

In terms of a starting “splash screen” I would do some sort of animation instead showing the a static logo. Unity3D has got some folding animation, but in my opinion it’s not so creative, because they kept it in a 2D perspective…

My logo is made of just one thin red line (the game logic has to follow). It would be a cool idea to have this filament horizontally in the middle of your screen. under it: the Armory font and then on top the red line which folds itself to the origami logo in 3D with camera rotation, etc.

What do you say about that, good idea? :slight_smile:


I’m almost ready to get some free time so I might be able to help in a week or two, then again you could probably do it better and faster.


I just finished taking a short break and ended up making something. The timing is still very poor and it is really no more then a loading icon rather then a splash screen but still, not bad for a few minutes break:


Then again…it might be.


Wow that’s really inspiring. Thanks for transforming this logo into an animation. I love your scissor mechanism. Like a swinging butterfly knife - represents the dynamics of the logo. Loading icon (Let’s keep that in mind)

It would be an honor to me to work with you on the design and animation. Let me know if you have some time, or we’ll can do this on the fly.

Here I made a short demo of stage 1 - This shows a two-dimensional animation with three-dimensional camera movements.

stage 2 - Will form the actual animation. 3D folding with 3D camera motion, plus the Armory font.

stage 3 - There we could trade the actual model up with some particle, smoke, metal or light effects. (But I think not too freaky and playful.)

stage 4 - At the moment the background is white (neutral), so we can make or take some cycles rendered animation in the background (- maybe someone in the forum has a good idea -) of a certain game scenario and in the foreground is the logo-animation.
[ If the engine is fully developed there will be some short game-demos with every single engine upgrade I guess. Everytime the engine will update to the newest version the logo itself remains the same, but the background animation can vary depending on the latest game-demo. As a side note. ]

Of course I don’t want to spam the engine with an intro, but I think this can make the engine unique. Because it’s made out of ideas from followers who suported the engine when it was in the early stages of development in little parts. I think this gives the engine a very special touch.

Let me know what you think and about your ideas. :slight_smile:


Starting the week after next week I’ll finally have a bit of time. As for a splash screen, I would suggest having it be easy to render in real time. After all, people are going to have different resolutions and refresh rates. Why not take advantage of that? It is not only really cool to have but also futureproofs games in some respects as games that are even a few years old tend to have strange aspect ratios and low resolutions for their splash screens. If you make it real time ready, it’ll need to also consume few resources on startup and allow any game that it is proceeding to load behind the scene with few resources dedicated to the actual displaying of the splash screen. Ultimately, Armory is VERY incomplete but one of the areas where it is more than ready is in its graphical capabilities. Make an animation, test to make sure it can play at a reasonable rate from an average budget machine and find out how to implement it as a splash screen on the programming side of things later.


For a realtime-rendered logo animation, we could use an overlayed scene where the animation is located. But you have to keep in mind that the light source is predefined. If we play the logo directly in the game environment itself in front of the camera and the game takes place in a dark scenario, the logo will be very dark by reflecting less light than necessary. On the one hand this can be very cool (to have a more interactive splash screen depending on your level or time), but on the other hand you probably want always the same light/reflection source everytime the logo appears, then I would go “add overlayed scene”. You also need to consider if it is not an overlayed scene, but a direct animation in the actual game, the animation can interrupt the game by hitting an object accidentally, etc. The animation object must be physically invisible. Finally there should be some sort of “End Object” command by choosing this method.

In addition I came up with some optimization of the real-time look. The design approximation is twodimensional, but in the end it needs to be 3D. So there should be some depth to it but the camera is always facing from a fixed view to the logo. Now – if I move the mouse cursor slightly to the right, the object starts to rotate in the same direction to face the cursor, but the proportion should be 1:10 or something. That the optical rotation of the logo is minimal to the distance of mouse motion. I think this could be a nice effect. Maybe we can use the same functions of mouse-look camera alignment, but instead of the camera we use the logo to calibrate.

The 3D elaboration itself can be a rigged pose to pose animation.

Star Wars’ BB8 game via UE4 by Seven Community (2016)

Sorry for the bad alpha channel (transparent) quality. The font was just a snipped image. And I had to compress the file size of the video for gif transfer in this chat.

Do these thoughts overlap with your ideas?