Armory most wanted?


LOL, this is starting to turn into a realtime fire discussion thread.


Smoke and Fire react to physics would be awesome…!


Let’s try not talk about smoke/fire, and talk about other stuff. There’s enough talk about smoke/fire here.


Is there support for Kinect at all? If not, I’d like to see that. Would be great to control a 3D model that way.


If Logic Nodes should be used in productions, there should be a easy way to turn off/on big parts of a setup, like you would do with if in code, the “Gate” node doesn’t fully cut it.

Ideal would be to replace if s brackets by Node frames, and a node that is placed in this frame that is able to toggle if any of the nodes in the frame is able to do stuff.


Not sure if it is technical feasible, but it would nice if armory could support public assets (usually for Unity) out of the box.


BGE logic bricks and maybe integration with eevee for those with bad graphics cards.


I want to be able to use hair particles without converting them to meshes. @lubos has done an excellent job with the examples, but they are meshes. Having hair particles to work as-is would help create better materials and make amazing cutscenes.


I think this example uses a mesh as hair particles as far as I can tell, the Player still corresponds to the set Particle settings without having to convert stuff.


hmm, do you think the hair info node will be supported? I want to use hair, as, well, hair.


All this stuff in this video would be very cool


That was interesting though super subliminally focused on how hacky things are. :smiley:


There is an irc server, but people are not hanging around in it :confused:


Optimize the hell out of Armory3d. Fix bugs :smiley:


The thing that’s really missing from armory is a tcp connection tutorial – translating servers to websockets and et-cetera is too annoying, I’d much rather see a haxe package that properly supports tcp, or a tutorial on how to use an existing one.


The most important things for me that are not yet available:

  1. Force fields (at least some of them)
  2. Curves (paths)
  3. More shaders (emission, refraction…)
  4. All rigid body properties in nodes (mass, friction, bounciness, damping…)
  5. More flexibility in render and post-process customization
  6. Fog, Depth of field, lens effects
  7. Post-effects in logic nodes


I’d put my vote down for more documentation of Logic Bricks.
But I wonder what the point will be as Blender now seems to be making it’s own logic bricks?!?!?!
Did we not see that recently in some Blender Development video? If that’s the case… I wonder how it will affect Armory’s Logic Nodes?


What ever blender is creating is in a way no relevant. The logic nodes are a function of making the code Behind armory work i.e. Haxe. Just because something will work in blender doesn’t mean it will work in armory without something to translate.

While feature requests are great I don’t understand the prevalent additute that seems to be this should work just like Unreal and Unity. Someday it hopefully will but they have over 10 years of development and millions of dollars behind them. And still in Unity you need plugins for logic nodes. Lets help @lubos get the engine working as best we can and keep suggesting what could make it better in the long run but stop expecting stuff to just get added because other engines have it. IMHO fixing bugs and making features work the best they can along with documentation should outwieght “But Unity or Unreal can do this or that.” It is amazing to me how mush just works at this stage of development.


Whole heartedly agree.
Then my vote is for documentation.
Lots n lots of luscious documentation. Video and Text.


Would have to agree with more docs :slight_smile: