Armory terrain


How armory terrain works ? Is there an example scene ?


What is armory terrain?


Are you talking about this?


It was merged sometime in the last week or so. I don’t know of any examples for it yet.


It’s the ‘old’ terrain code which finally got merged into Armory. It’s a primitive first-iteration thing but will add an example & usage for the 0.6 release notes. :mount_fuji: :mountain:


Not appearing in my UI, and I have the latest 0.6 version:


Do you have 0.6 from git? It is probably only in the git version, but you should be able to get it with the Armory updater:


I get this error when I try to update the SDK:


Hmm, do you have Git installed? It uses git to update the SDK so you probably need to install that separately.


It might be that : /

Edito: It definitely was that XD

I got Git, and the last Sdk version is now working : )


As seen here as well :smiley:

I hope they publish the 0.6 documentation soon ™ :smiley:


Damn, I don’t even know if it works (or how), but it looks so cool in blender that waiting for this is going to send my anxiety levels over the roof :slight_smile: