Armory vs Godot


Actually Kha is actually on top of Kore, and connection to Haxe which make it cross-platform, like @RobDangerous said, without Kore Kha would not exist, without Kha armory/iron would not exit(maybe it still will, if lubos use kore), am i right Master Robhi sensei? :smile:

I don’t think that true, AFAIK iron isn’t just ‘abstraction’ that is ‘useful for armory’, rather iron is Core 3D engine and Armory is just Connection between Iron and Blender.

(BTW @RobDangerous is creator of Kha)


Thank you for the clarification. I actually meant my description of Iron as merely a colloquial expression, not intended to be “literally true.”

I’m still puzzling-out the many layers of software in this system and I do not yet understand the relationship between Kha and Kore although I now observe a link to that repository within the Github repo for Kha so presumably you are right. Which gives me yet another layer of software to puzzle-out. (I like to read the source-code. I’m weird that way. :wink: )

The description of Iron definitely alludes to the fact that Armory is an interface to the Blender environment, the origin of “logic nodes” and so on, built upon Iron. The structure of this entire system is like unto that of an onion – one layer wraps around another and builds upon it. But, Haxe is the “secret sauce” (already well-proven technology) that makes Armory completely unprecedented and a force to be reckoned with.


Sorry but Kha is not on top of Kore. The whole thing is not a layered structure.


Really? Please explain … in detail …


There’s three sister projects - Kha for Haxe development, Kore for C/C++ development and Krom for JavaScript development. Depending on the target system they do or do not make use of each other. All of them use similar build systems, the same asset compiler and the same shader-crosscompiler (aka the actual magic sauce). The git-submodule dependencies do not reflect the actual usage dependencies (because that would result in the same tools being copied to more than one place).