Build 10 is out!


This project can bring OpenGL 4.4 in MacOS:

Regal for OpenGL

Regal is a user-space OpenGL layer for OpenGL 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, Core contexts and ES 2.0. Regal implements OpenGL loading, emulation for ES and Core contexts and tools for debugging.

Can this be used to bring support for OpenGL 4.2 in MacOS?


Hey, it has been a while since I checked out armory, back when build 4 was out. I was wondering about the logic nodes: is there a way to set like a skip rate for the “sensors” if you will call them that? I was messing around with the controls.blend and I noticed that armory was reading the inputs every frame.


@Dacicusan: Sorry, no experience with that. The most performant / future proof way on Apple systems is to go with Metal. There should be some news on this in the next build or two. :slight_smile:

@RedFrostGames: Hi! I think the only way to do that right now is through the On Timer node. The nodes in this tree get executed every 0.5 sec.


I tested Metal and OpenGL 4.1 with the latest build of StarCraft2 game for MAC and I found that with Metal I have the best FPS for this game, but It’s also quite buggy especially with the shadows (I can clearly see glitches) and the fan of my MacBookPro It’s spinning like nuts making a lot of noise. In other hand, using OpenGL 4.1, I don’t have so many FPS but also the fan of the machine is much less noisy and the system is more stable.


Work on Build 11 is concluding! Release planned next week. :rocket:


Any chance for a tutorial on setting up physics objects in Armory 11? Just wondering why the physics is so different when playing my scene in armory. Joints don’t function the same, and bounciness seems to be ignored.


In Armory everything is implemented from scratch, which causes this disparity when not enough care is taken to properly match it… Checking on the bounciness now!

Edit: bounciness now handled (armory@17c5907 and haxebullet@a3771c2).


New build friday? and we want more videos or some livestream ,toturials .


hi build 11 today ??


Trust me, work is done everyday to make it ready. :hammer: Nonetheless, finally moving to an open road-map for each build to come. Watch this page for the remaining tasks on Build 11, releasing as soon as those are done(matter of days). :slight_smile:


armorypaint will be seperate ?


@Chris.k No, it will be up for download together with Armory on itch.

PS: Build 11 is finally rolling out, ‘release candidate’ for Windows is already on itch, doing more testing and the rest will be up tomorrow with new examples. :slight_smile:


hey lubo realese note ?


Hey, I was wondering, how could I do a “while (on event) is true: do something”. and I’m not talking about the while loop that loops all in one frame. I want it so that while my mouse stays clicked on a ui button, something happens and stays happening.


This could be one possible solution (the button in this case is a 3d object though, proper ui system still in the works):

I also added this tree to the logic_test repo (layer 5):