Cant see objects in game in any way


I’m planning to make a new game in armory, with an old, awfully slow and probably the slowest setup ever. my problem is that i cant run anything in krom for lack of ram space, results?
i need to run it in HTML mode,
recently, in Pre-Alpha v5 (of my game HiteM) i noticed that my objects are not loading in the play space.
i simplified the scene to only a box and a (low poly) crate (i had the crate there before), and results are not cool.
i still see the crate, but not the box. cool thing, the crate has still collision on!
btw i know this is just me being a complete idiot boy, not armory.
thanks for your help… :heart:


Check the in Blender screen hierarchy window your box doesn’t have the hidden icon.