Development of Logic Node System (discussion)


Hey all sry for my bad english first

I agree with many here,I build 2 Games with logic bricks as i comment in other topics its a very fast and the overview its good the workflow and the state machine is very powerfull and usefull , the action acctuator and the animationframe grabbing is very fast , it is as i understand a compiled block written in c++,c# or c its very fast at starting ,as i posted in other topic it is not a lost to have logic bricks on board. Armory + logic bricks + logic nodes and haxe and you have a very bad Game Engine

Lubos dont understand me wrong i know maybee its not the goal, but its a good idea and many BGE logic fans will be join too ,and in Future it give the chance that the logic bricks never dying in Armory ,too


I feel the logic node system is very promising. As a UE4 Blueprint user, it is the most familiar to me.

My only ideas for logic nodes is to expand some of the base functions, and make it a bit more like blueprints:

Addition node ideas:

  • Do-once
  • Timelines or curves


I’ve already got a preexisting solid understanding of the way BGE logic works. By now, I would also have a decent understanding of how to program let alone use the node based systems if it weren’t for my schooling taking so much time. So at least for me it would be a decent stopgap solution while the docs and final first layout for the Armory logic gets put in place. Ultimately, whatever is chosen I suggest making one thing sure. Please, please, PLEASE do NOT fall in the pit trap that Microsoft fell into. They’re stuck supporting legacy code that slows them down and makes it frustrating to work on their stuff because they went forward with a structure that kept on picking up old things that needed to be supported. Whatever is chosen, please don’t make it bog down progress on improvements for legacy support’s sake.


I just want to put my head up and say I prefer the nodes way more to the bricks system and am very glad Armory has the nodes. Obv, it would be interesting if at sometime an armoury blocks/bricks system could be added as that would allow more choice for users but yeah very happy with the nodes so far.


I think it’s time to move forward :slight_smile:
I too got used to the Logic Bricks, I made blender asteroids with them ( ) but honestly they become a mess when things become complex. They are cool for simple stuff. Complex stuff require you to write code.

Simonrazer has been making magic with the new armory nodes on the ACXT3R project ( ACXT3R - the Armory community shooter ) and they are much more powerful and allow us to go further than logic bricks ever could. Without a single line of code and in a easy to understand structure we seem to have the trust to make an entire game with them :slight_smile:

I’m loving them and consider them a key feature of armory.