Does Armory provide a one click solution to Android deployment for rapid testing?


In Adobe AIR’s Animate, to deploy to Android, you click File->Publish to Android, Done.

In Coppercube, with Android SDK Installed, you click file->Publish to Android, Done.

In Armory, is that as simple ?


I’m not positive how easy it is just yet, but it looks like it will get very easy pretty soon. :slight_smile:


Yeah, as of Armory 0.5 one has to manually build the project in Android Studio which is not that nice.

Will finish the Android + Krom port in 0.6, it’s wip at:


Hello @Lubos, thank you for your answer and thank you @zicklag too !

So it looks like temporarily, even basic export to android is a road block.

What about at least HTML 5 export ?
Is it a one click export like all the other platforms too ?
And do you have to host the HTML5 on a server for the exported version to run or it will run locally ?

Does the code for mouse down/up/move automatically work for touch [for Android] as well or you have to separately code for that as well ?


HTML5 export is one-click. You can also export to HTML5 for development just by switching the Runtime dropdown to Browser:


You can simply open up the index.html file in a browser to run the HTML5 exported version of the game.

You probably already know this, but you can find all of the export options are in the Armory Exporter panel:



Just to clarify the Android export should work but the .apk needs to be deployed using the Android Studio, where the final .apk signing/certificates are also managed.

There is no need for separate mouse / touch code. :mouse2:


Thank you @lubos.

What a relief to know that code for mouse will auto translate to touch.

Installing the entire android studio 758MB [just the installer alone] and the JDK [212 MB], almost as terrible as the cordova’s way.

I am still using cordova every now and then with some apps with all the delicious:
keytool -genkey -v -keystore ~.keystore -alias ~ -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000
-verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore ~.keystore app-release-d.apk ~
-v 4 app-release-.apk Final.apk

I absolutely dislike every moment of it, that’s why softwares like coppercube and adobe air amazes me with their one click export, all they need is a p12 file.
Export shouldn’t have to be so much drama, coppercube and adobe air proves it can be done in one click.

I wonder if armory could ever take that elegant route.