Footsteps and object outline possible?


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Regarding footsteps, it should be possible to place decals when moving on the ground when walking. Here a little .blend.
foot.blend (700.5 KB)(you need to get your own texture, it won’t let me upload mine)
But it only should, because it seems like there is a bug that causes the decals to spawn in the same place everytime instead if on the floor. Try it out by using the red sphere/turning of “decal” in the planes material-settings. Reported the bug on github.
Idk about outlining stuff, you can probably do that with some extras to the render driver.


These would be nice addition to the examples if it’s possible. I haven’t played with your blend ,but it would have to switch between left and right foot textures.


definitely possible by using the “alternate” node and using two different spawn nodes.


I see my original post got flagged, lol. Guess your not suppose to mention other game engines or wonder if something is possible.


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