Glass Shading Fix


Hey,everyone. I decided to improve Armory’s glass shading and it looks great. I know Armory doesn’t have the best glass shading right now but when it finally does,this will be its future.The Caustic node group is now proper and has a roughness factor. I can’t wait to see this one day in someone else’s game. :slight_smile:


Tell me. Node setup. Please. My words can not describe the awesomeness of yours.


The Glass node which I integrated into my version of the ArmoryPBR node has a simple setup.



OMG! does this require voxel gi?


I can’t get it to work, when I mix it with a usual Glass shader with “Is shadow ray” as factor it at least works in cycles, but it is totally invisible in Armory. Tried VXGI but still invisible, and now I get this error when trying to turn on refraction:

Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_shadowmap.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl).
ERROR: C:\Users\SK\Desktop\Armory\blends\tests\build_tests\compiled\Shaders\Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl:72: 'vVec' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: C:\Users\SK\Desktop\Armory\blends\tests\build_tests\compiled\Shaders\Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl:72: '=' :  cannot convert from ' temp float' to ' temp 3-component vector of float'
ERROR: C:\Users\SK\Desktop\Armory\blends\tests\build_tests\compiled\Shaders\Material_001_voxel.frag.glsl:72: '' : compilation terminated
ERROR: 3 compilation errors.  No code generated.

SPIR-V is not generated for failed compile or link

Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_voxel.geom.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 1 (Material_001_voxel.vert.glsl).
Compiling shader 1 of 1 (armdefault_mesh.frag.glsl).

Edit: used updated version of Armory


WOAH! It reminds me of PRISM.


Hi, have you recently test your node in a recent build ??


.blend file would be awesome :heart_eyes: