Help with mouse navigation not keyboard


No worries. I tried on FF Quantum 57.0.2 64 bit and FF Dev Ed 58.0b10.


I can’t understand the logic node, not self explanatory like the kind of logic I expect :slight_smile:

Well, I have waited 10 years for the technology to mature, currently, I am using a primitive game engine that can do all I want except the render quality, below are the essential features for my publication in development, 1st issue coming soon and I also plan to teach the advertising agencies to adopt the software.

Here is What I need:

  1. Sprite animation.
  2. Billboard (point at camera).
  3. load and play external png images in sequence (loop & timer).
  4. Alpha add material (fire, sparkle…).
  5. Animated transparency.
  6. URL to next scene (story telling / customer’s website).

I hope it is not too difficult to achieve, just priority since you have made it this far.


Hi @Philip_Knobody_Fong,

Say me, please, how did you manage to do such a mouse control?


There are some logic node examples in various topic, that has been replaced with the new one since:

I don’t do code and stop using Armory, so I don’t remember where or how anymore.