How to export a file to windows


I have made a very simple scene with a character controller etc, when I export the game for windows it creates a new folder called build_test and that is where I thought I would find the exe file but I can not find any sort of file that will run the game.

Can anyone tell me where the file is located or if I’m missing something?


[Solved] Replying to somebody’s reply?


Let me know if your successful on the windows build. I am having issues in Visual Studio and haven’t gotten anywhere. It was complaing about a missing .pch file ,which I solved by adding a stdafx.cpp and stdafx.h files, changing a few settings, and hitting compile on the stdafx.cpp. I then ran into more errors that I couldn’t figure out. Fairly new to Visual Studio and Armory so this is some setting I’m prolly just missing.


I have now read the Manuel but after pressing publish I do not have a sln file in the folder it specifies it indeed anywhere in the build folder. Any ideas why this is?


I tried on the mouse_lock examples

1)On the armory exporter, dont forget to click on the “+” button and chose “Windows” as target.
2)Click on the publish button
3)There will be “build_mouse_lock” folder created
4)In that folder there is “windows-build” folder and in that folder is the solution file created.

If the folders or solution file is missing, you need to look at the console(Windows->Toggle System Console) to check if there is any error.