How to make a screen overlay


I want a cool down screen for my game and I have made a new scene with the object in and have set up when it is visible etc. Only issue is I do not know how to overlay the screen. I have seen images of BGE where you hookup an ‘Always’ node to the screen overlay screen. I assume I would use an on init node instead of the always but do not know how to overlay the scene. I have tried the Spawn Scene node to no avail. Any help is appreciated.



I’ve been wondering the same thing. In BGE is was easy to create a menu/overlay scene. I think you are suppose to use the Armor UI Editor for this.


I did a search and cant find much in the way of Armor UI. I found a change log with a link to an example but the page is missing. Do you know where to find some documentation on it?


I would post a link ,but every link I post gets flagged for some reason. Go look at Armory’s github page. There is a few examples with “ui” towards the bottom of “armory_examples” that might help. Looks like Lubos just started working on Armor UI Editor, so features is very limited and currently there’s no documentation on it.


did you try to use a sprite for that ?


See this thread for some hints on how to create a user interface. I believe, the work flow could be pretty similar.


Do you know what the anchor feature does? I messed around with it ,but I didn’t see that it did anything.


Sorry, I never tried that.