Improve Animations (Hexapod Inverse Kinematics)


I’ve found this. Maybe this gives you a better idea on how to optimise your character’s behaviour. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Does Blender have addons to do that ?
Create some poses and the plugin will create the intermediate animations.
It would be usefull.


It would really only work well with muscled armatures (you need the data or otherwise it would still take weird paths to reach the destination). Perhaps something like inverse kinematics could be applied to an animation, instead of individual poses.



This is a .blend-file for BGE. Just open and hit “p” for play. Control with WASD. This hexapod (quad) keeps its center a constant distant to the ground while aligning the legs automatically. You can model your own terrain. Building your own hexapod is a little bit difficult, due to kinematic constraints – but ask me anytime.

If you add some damping-function to the center, you can achieve a more organic look to it in terms of improving animations for characters instead of roboters.

Hopefully this can be possible with Armory 3D…!

BTW sorry for the bad design, it’s just about the code :smiley: haha
“what really counts are the inner values”


The most common usage is character foot auto placement on surfaces.
Only this ik would be very usefull.


The hexapod script uses this method.:slight_smile:
You place the foot on an uneven rock for example to keep the upper body straight. The upper body is; let’s say the reference point for all the kinematic calculations. If this “parent-body” would be controlled over logic bricks in armory - this would be awesome.


Each 3D engine does this in it’s own way.
It would be nice to have it included in Armory 3D :smile: