Is there in Haxe a "get object" function?


Hello! I want to get an object. Its not a child of an object. There is a “Get Child” function but my question is: How can I get a simple Object in Haxe?!



Hi, I see you didn’t specify with what property you wanted to find the object with, but a way to find an object through their name is (it’s with getChild but over the scene, idk if that you wanted to avoid),

        import iron.Scene;
		var anObject ="object name");
		if (anObject != null)
			trace("success! object pos: " +;

you can also find a Collection instead of an object, by the collection name:

        import iron.Scene;
		var aGroupOfObjects ="object collection");
		if (aGroupOfObjects != null)
			trace("success! Objects: " + aGroupOfObjects.length);


Omg I am so dumb! I already thought about that but didn’t try it out. Thank you so much!!



Hi, I created an entry in the wiki and a PR to add a new script example in /armory_examples to showcase how to use the functions and how to manually search objects in the scene that meet certain condition with recursion.
Feel free to test the functions I added, I did a few test just to be sure they work correctly but maybe I overlooked something.

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