Local Survival Tower like game


Hi! I was inspired by the twin stick example and I wanted to change the twin stick example. My idea: A survival tower like game. This game can be played alone or local multyplayer. In this game there is a barricade. There are zombies that destroys the wall(they keep spawing). There are 3 or more different types of zombies(fast zombies at walking or zombies with fast attacks etc.). I will posting the progress on my twitter: https://twitter.com/ArmoryBlender?lang=de
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3NhbIAFWseatqDP24wInJg
What do you think? I hope someone can give me a Feedback.


Aii looks like emission is doing the works.

Looks great.


Great idea!
Make it so zombies come in waves.
Add different types of weapens they can unlock.
So the player feels a type of progress.


Hey @darthur2004!!! Thanks for you answer. I also had the idea with the waves. But this is a really cool idea with the guns(thank you so much)


It’s a pleasure @ArmoryBlender.