Logic Bricks - are or will they be able to replace scripting?


Simonrazer made an impressive work using just logic nodes for: ACXT3R - the Armory community shooter
…and this is just in beta. I don’t think they cause much aditional lag than scripting.
What I think is that nodes make possible, even for me ( a complete zero talent for code person ) at least understand what is hapening and even “code” some simple things :slight_smile:


Logic bricks needs work in their design, it’s not as fast as UE4 Blueprint.
For example i wanted to make ad variables addition and i found it would need too many nodes and some repetition while it’s simple and fast to do in UE4.
Also remember visual scripting is not compiled, its lot more slower than scripting, it will fit a small game while scripting is what to use for a bigger game.


For AI in UE4 there is Behaviour Tress graphic editor, it saves lot of work because you don’t code the AI, you design it in the graph BT using action nodes you created.
For a complex game based on characters this is the best way to create AI.


Again, as all this seems great for UE4 we need to allow Armory to develop. I have not found the nodes to slow down my work at all and they add so much to help new people and artists to create work. They are so much worth it. There are already experiments going on in the community dealing with AI that show promise. If you are trying to build a saleable game I don’t think Armory is the solution yet but for interactive demo work and many educational solutions I think it could be very much usable.


I agree, for a saleable game that goes beyond a small game or demo, Armory need more work.


Logic nodes are actually compiled to Haxe right before compiling the whole project with Kha. They are no different than the Haxe scripts that you would write by hand, other than a difference, maybe, in the exact way you would write the code and the way the node’s Haxe source is written. There is no reason that they should be slower.