My 3D adventure fighting game

im wanting to make a very strong template for FPS, fighting and 3th person view in general.

You can see my thread here :

i was wondering if anybody here is interested or pursuing the same project.


So, you are using BGE and want to collab with someone to port it to Armory?

i think i could port it myself to Armory, won’t be difficult ? . But i guess i have to update my Linux as it runs old OpenGL :wink:

I rather came here to see a bit around people doing same kind of template project… to share ideas and best pratices. I tried to boot it on BGE community but there’s no reaction… it’s like people are more interested talking on forums than really making real games. So all i can do is keep working alone.

Also, performance is extremely important for me. The game/template should stick at 60fps on something like 1440x1080 on i5 without GPU. The game has to be Arcade-like. Can Armory support complex scenes with it’s cycle render engine ?

Does Armory has a 3th view template ? Also, like for BGE, i think it’s time to build a full free animation pack just like Unreal/Unity offers. Mixamo fighting moves are very low energy in my opinion.

I came to a point, i don’t really what to do as to make a full game, i have to add lots of assets, sounds, missions and so on

Template games here:
There are two 3rd person templates :slight_smile:

thx, but that one bugs on my computer

this works

well, error again

Sources/arm/ThirdPersonController.hx:32: characters 11-24 : Type not found : BoneAnimation

Fatal error: exception Failure(“Couldn’t connect on”)

… ?? okeey

Check if it work with latest sdk

I think i will keep work with BGE and maybe go to Armory or UPBGE later.

By the way, i almost finish to create a new navigation system for npc’s
3 modes so far :

  • the npc is doing it’s routine walk
  • the npc tries to escape you (going to exit point by avoiding the checkpoint you are closest to)
  • the npc tries to catch you (here below)

So this is made with python only, I already tried to use the NavMesh but it seemed buggy. Does anyone has good experience with NavMesh ? Does the Navmesh could handles well a fighting stance ? I do ask because, i don’t see strong examples of developed AI’s in BGE. I want people to help us to improve modules


Is there any community game project on Armory ? Or is it like BGE : everyone doing dead-in-the-womb personnal projects ?

@BlackGoku36 are making a game and creating a tutorial for it.

I joined a zelda link’s awakening game jam
but I got a lot of work and didn’t finish in time. I’m slowly working on this game. At the end I intend to make a tutorial and release the assets as tamplate for studies.