Patreon is down. What's up with that?


you can already support him via paypal on the website.


Maybe it would be best to just wait and see what Lubos does next and whether the Patreon thing can be turned around before we start sending him money by alternate means.


Does a Patreon issue already happened to other projects ?

Don’t stay blocked because Patreon is not fine with Armory 3D, find other ways for contribution like Paypal :smiley:


Contacted someone I know @ Patreon. There was a mistake. They’re contacting Lubos ASAP. Hopefully fixed soon.


I think that self managed solution like is the best but in any case i suggest to evaluate alternatives ( in particular Liberapay ) that works in parallel like this project:


Let him decide, @lubos is doing most of the work and there are options to support him. Something went wrong with Patreon, not everything is perfect. I am so happy that he is creating this awesome product. The last thing I want him to do is waste time trying to keep up with all the ways to help him out. This whole thing bothers me to no end. The fact that people jumped on “Armory is doomed” less that a day later was disturbing.


I don’t see too many people straight out say it’s doomed, especially since it’s an open sourced project.

But losing your primary funding source is nothing to sneeze at. It’s fortunate to hear this might be a Patreon mistake, so hopefully it get’s resolved soon. I’m also impressed at Lubos’s calm here… I’d certainly be a lot more… ragey in my response.


There were some and the point is there was no reason to say anything except asking if everything was ok until we heard from Lubos. There was a full video out suggesting the project was over. And if all the funds were returned as was said in several places then he never took all the money out in the first place. I will just let it drop but a little breathing time and a little faith would have been appropriate in the situation.


I don’t think many people have faith in Patreon. Period. They’ve shot themselves in the foot a couple times already.

This a massive PR blunder on their behalf. Outright deleting a project without comment and refunding every single contribution. If a mistake, that’s a huge mistake. If not a mistake, that’s a huge PR blunder. Either way, this is not a non-event and deserves a pretty big reaction.

In fact it should be a much bigger story beyond Armory, as a number of people rely entirely on Patreon for their funding. This kind of behavior shows just how at their mercy you are.


I don’t even know where to begin or end this. I didn’t see anyone talking about it being a Patreon issue but rather the page is down and therefore its a good chance the project is in trouble. I don’t want to have a big argument about the whole thing because as it turns out there was a mistake and there is nothing really wrong from the standpoint of the viability of Armory. If you want to make a argument against Patreon I guess you have a point. But it is one of the best platforms out there. There issues are no bigger that YouTube or Facebook.

I still think waiting, oh I don’t know, until the developer woke up the next day before jumping to conclusions would have been responsible.

I think I will just have to let it go at that. This is not the place for this argument and I am probably being as guilty as those I am talking about.


You’re underplaying what happened.

Page down, no big deal, wait and see what happens.

Page down and every single contribution ever refunded… that’s literally unheard of. If not for the mass refunds, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Especially as Patreon literally has a no refund policy.


That leads me to think even more it was a mistake. Why would they violate their own policy? And by returning the money it means we can still donate it back to him. I am not underplaying it. I am saying a little real information from a real source would have been the right thing to report.


I think this is an agree to disagree moment.

If there is a shooting in your neighborhood. People witnessed it, someone was shot but they don’t know who the shooter was yet. Does this mean the press shouldn’t report on it?

It entirely depends on how it was reported. Simply reporting that the Patreon page is gone and users were refunded, stay tuned for further details. That’s responsible reporting. It’s also incredibly news worthy, especially in game development circles, even more so among Patreon supporters.

Reporting that Armory is dead because the Patreon page was down. Or reporting speculation. That’s irresponsible.


Agreed - as this point the argument serves no purpose for the people trying to learn Armory.

Agree to disagree.


Agreed. I disagree. :wink:

So long as this turns out to be a mistake on Patreon’s behalf and they do the right thing and re-institute Lobos’s account, support and July payment, it could ultimately become a great thing. Suddenly Patreon became Armory’s by far and away biggest backer… fingers crossed there’s a silver lining.


Who would dare put that Armory’s in trouble video out there? :thinking: TMZ! :rofl:

Just glad the Patreon problem will be sorted. Hang in there Lubos, godspeed!


<3 to lubos & contributors. Hope all ends well!


News: Armory3D Funding page:


Re-subbed :slight_smile:

Will send the money patreon refunded back via paypal as soon as the refunds actually appear in my account.


OK, before I sign back up again: Why are the Tier levels >50% more expensive when using gumroad, compared to paypal? @lubos, do you prefer paypal or gumroad?