Please sir, can we have a Trello roadmap?


I assume it could sync some stuff from github? It has a ton of info about what is going on but maybe it’s not as accessible there as it should be.

I could also start posting in-progress release notes here on the forums during the development, linking to related work on github.


It can sync some stuff from github ->
Would not it be too much work posting in-progress release notes?


Taiga can do one-way sync from GitHub to Taiga, but it seems like it could be detrimental to have two different spots to manage issues. That is how the Taiga team manages their issues and it kind of confused me once because there were two spots for issues and I didn’t know which was better to use. If we went with Taiga, it would probably be better to use Taiga exclusively for issues.

A couple examples of Taiga in use:

You can login to Taiga with your GitHub account, which helps accessibility a little bit.

Still, I don’t know that Taiga provides a whole lot of advantage over GitHub’s projects like we are already using. Feature wise, Taiga offers custom fields, issue types like Epics and sub-tasks, and the ability to organize work in sprints ( which might represent releases? ) or in a Kanban board. Additionally Taiga has a nice little vote feature that is simulated on GitHub with the :+1:'s like we are already using. For the other features, most can still be accomplished in GitHub using projects for work-boards and labels for issue types or statuses.

If it was appealing you, @lubos, to organize work a little bit more using Epics or sprints with a little more control or visualization, then Taiga could be a good option, but considering that there are already the boards that you have created for 0.5, 0.6, and 0.7 on GitHub, I’m not sure we need Taiga. Taiga would probably help more if you had more people on your team as collaborators or something like that, to help organize work and help team members collaborate on what needs to be done. That is more along the lines of where Taiga will pull ahead of GitHub.

It is your call whether or not you think one or the other makes sense. If you do want to go with, or even just try out Taiga for a test, I can get it configured for you and we could discuss how you want it set up. I’ve got quite a bit of experience with project management tools.

I think that would be great! It would help keep the community informed and motivated. For example, I just saw the Forward Renderer Only Shows 1 Light issue in-progress on your board, and I got excited because I’ve really wanted that to get fixed. Community updates would help keep people interested and give them confidence that stuff is getting done.