Register the camera view for some post-processing


Is it possible to register (or make sometimes captures ) the camera view in order to make then some post-processing on it?


Added an example(needs latest git) which shows how to ‘read’ composited screen image:

Or if you want to add custom rendering pass:

Not sure if this is exactly what you are after - let me know with more details.


@lubos thanks for links
In first step, the example has problems when playing it …

The rendering pass is very interesting but I wonder if it’s what I need !?.

The need if finally simple: how to get a file / buffer where to read video/pictures taken by a camera … like if you where reading a real image/video and then make some post-processing.
( like in applications of image recognition/computer vision => allows applications using specific deep learning algorithms to understand images or videos (images are data in the sense that they are inputted into an Neural Network, the NN trains and then the NN outputs a solution provided by the image. )