Wacom Bamboo Pen (CTL-470) no pressure sensitivity


Hi, just bought a copy of AmorPaint for testing and to support your great work.

Issue: my Wacom does not apply any pressure sensitivity. It works like a mouse. There seems an issue with the tablet driver in conjunction with the gnome control panel and eg GIM 2.10 @ ubuntu (I’m using 18.04) but when using e.g. Krita 4.0.1 the tablet works perfectly as expected.

hope you can point out how to fix this.

thx in advance


Hello Carsten,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I will have to address this in the internals of ArmorPaint. Opened a new ticket at https://github.com/armory3d/armorpaint/issues/16, will get it sorted for next build. Sorry for trouble!