3D audio resource

Obviously, too many other important things to get taken care of (like basic animation, full implementation of PBR painting, ect.) but something to put on the list of stuff to do.

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Saw this earlier today.

Would love to see this in Armory :slight_smile:

It seems not a free and open source license:

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Ya, I saw that. It sucks. But, it wasn’t really intended as something to implement directly. It was intended as an example. This needs to be reverse engineered with a open source friendly license.

This should get handled directly in Kha, Robert already did some work on spatial audio a while ago but it’s not yet merged:

There was a new VR stuff merge though(yay!), so 3D audio might go nice with it (+ improving stereo rendering in Armory). :slight_smile:

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Awesome. This is something that will be very nice to see. It’s something to see in the coming months.

Great news!

Can’t wait to test VR with Armory !

The Valve demo is very interesting, the sound “masking” and reverb is really clean.

A game project idea would benefit a lot from spacial/physical sound effects (reverb, doppler…), so I looked for what is currently available in FLOSS engines/frameworks.

Great to see that Kha is also working on the subject.

For web/js target I am wondering what performance can be, because it seem to require custom dynamic audio processing. Could it be as efficient as the graphics rendering/processing on this target ?

Thanks for the amazing and inspiring work, Lubos and all !

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Any update on this ?