3D engines and Armory

There is many free 3D engines out there, most are in progress but promising.
For example Godot, Xenko, Flax and some others.

But Armory is by far the more artist friendly of them, specially if you are already a Blender user :

  • no models or animations import (your work directly in Blender)
  • hundred modeling tools without needing editor plugins
  • Array and many other usefull modifiers without plugins
  • animation create and edit without plugins
  • setup physics as you create a model
  • vertex paint, vertex sculpt without plugins
  • spline tools without plugins
  • simple texture paint without plugins
  • visual scripting for artists or prototyping

Having full Blender power as a 3D engine editor is really what makes Armory 3D so unique and so great :smiley:

For prototyping or level design it’s straight forward, You make your environment and models directly in Blender and test right away (this doesn’t mean you can’t use Zbrush or Substance Painter).

I’m using Unreal 4, but Armory 3D when it will get some more tools not available in Blender like brush object or terrain LOD, is the one i want to use for next 3D game.

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Yeah armory is really cool, I changed from UE4 to armory because of painfull models importing and also because C++ .For me, Haxe is alot easier and C++ is total no no for me because i come from python side and find it harder to learn.Haven’t really made a game( made games but didn’t finished it for publishing). So, I hope my problems are solved here. I will start coding game templates after i am done with my exams.:smile::smile:

I use only Blueprints with UE4 because i’m not making extraordinary game mechanics.

What was your main issues with Armory ?

No issues with Armory…

Biggest issue for me that .getContacts(object) doesn’t return contacts with not-dynamic objects. It was labeled a bug on June 2 but still persists. Also VXGI/AO have some problems, mainly speed and with GI also accuracy. And procedural textures + colorramps don’t quite look like they do in Blender.
It is minor things that can be overcome.

I agree, with revoxelization , Voxel is not usable.
The getContacts is about fundamental gameplay, this should be fixed.

About procedural textures, most people will use Substance designer and painter, or make them in Photoshop or Krita, i don’t think it’s an issue.

Hm color ramp node is still broken? That is meant to be fixed already, unless something is wrong. Will put priority on the getContacts issue, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint which issues are the most pressing ones.

Nevermind the colorramp node, I now it is working perfectly!!! I just assumed it was still broken, really shouldn’t have done that I am sorry. It was just back then so broken when using more than two Values that I assumed that it wasn’t possible to get more than 2 values working so I never tried again…
Also the Noise-texture looks already very much like in Blender! Great work!

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No prob at all, the color ramp was indeed broken for way too long. Happy it works now!