A beginner asks Is it possible?

Hi I’m a complete beginner when it comes to game engines but I’m jumping in with a small project and wanted to know if Armory would be capable of doing the following(Preferably with logic nodes as I’m too stupid for code/life):

  • Altering the strength of a Blender Wind forcefield to push a bunch of rigid body objects across a surface
  • Linking said strength property to a UI slider where a user can drag to increase/decrease the force
  • Using a cloth simulation to create a flag which is affected by the wind strength.

I’ve poked around with a few settings and watched a few tutorials but would like to know if it’s worth me pursuing this avenue or looking elsewhere.

Thanks in advance!

In general that wouldn’t be too difficult, except for a couple of points:

  1. I don’t think that wind force fields work in Armory at the moment
  2. I don’t think UI sliders are integrated with Logic Nodes

If it weren’t for the above points, I would say that that would be extremely simple. :slight_smile: Logic nodes are easy to work with and the logic for what you are outlining is very simple.

If you wanted you could just apply a sideways ( whatever direction ) force to each of the rigid bodies that you want to effect and maybe pin the cloth to an invisible animated object that moves up and down relative to the wind speed to fake wind, but that is making it a little more complicated, and you still can’t get the slider value in your logic nodes. :confused: It isn’t something that shouldn’t be implemented in the future, but it isn’t in there yet.


Anyone that can get the sliders working in nodes would have my undying gratitude. Especially if you can change the slider based on a property value (health etc ) and not the mouse.

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That’s great info thank you! I’ll have a play around with using an apply force and some other methods of user interaction rather than a slider. It’s a great bit of software

Thanks for your video tutorials btw! They’re De-mystifying logic nodes for me

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@dangerface yes it’s easy to create the equivalent of a field of forces able to push dynamics objects. You will find in the existing Armory examples, solutions that can do it or give you the direction to do it with nodes in Armory.
Then the slider could be seen too as a simple cube that you translate in order to represent a value and that you can move too with mouse to set values… explore examples again too.
You could be interested by the work done on Liquidfx too or discuss with the creator of it on the forum.
Tell us if you don t find your solution yourshelf and I could help you … but visiting examples is a good way to learn.

I’ll try to do that today then. That should be easy. Shouldn’t take more than an hour. :slight_smile:

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There you go! I just opened a PR for slider nodes.



Your Welcome @dangerface

@zicklag You are the Man!!!

So glad I can help. :slight_smile: Glory to God, can’t do it without him!


Slider nodes got merged! You should be able to get it with the Armory updater.