A Way to Help Armory Grow Faster?


I’m wondering if there is a way for people to help Armory 3D grow faster. Personally I would love to help with some physics-releated stuff aswell as make some stuff for demos and presentations. I am sure that there are also other people who would like to help this engine grow faster. That’s what we are like - inpatient. And inpatience makes us not be lazy :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope there is a way to help.

Greetings and penguins :penguin: ,

I’m not sure how to help right now; I doubt anything can be really done at this point, beyond spreading the word and bringing in interest. Maybe @lubos has a few ideas?

Will try to get that second build out as soon as possible, so there is a way to send more bug reports!

Once it gets more or less stable for basic stuff I will try my best to make code contributing more accessible. But everything helps, even just saying hello on the forums. :slight_smile:


So hello everyone! :laughing:

Once you need some help with softbody physics, don’t sturggle to ask me for help. I’ll be definetly there to help as the softbody topic is something that I really enjoy :smiley:

Hi everyone!

On my side, I am really focused on creating games at the moment so I can help testing with graphics, scenes, characters and animations in my spare time.

I’ve already submitted a few bugs on the GitHub.

Spread the word and tell people about the existence of the forums and other sites. Speaking of which, a lot of these sites should be combined or at least have an index so we all know where to find them.