Animation Nodes and Armory

Just a heads up, installing and activating Animation Nodes on an Armory enable Blender causes problems.
To the point I had to reset the Armory install. Damn shame also because the two would be a great combo.
But anyways, if anyone knows any other add-ons that are problematic in conjunction, please do tell.

What is the issue? What setup are you on? I am able to activate both armory and animation nodes when testing on Windows 10 + bundled Blender. I recall there was an issue report on this, thought this was already resolved but apparently not quite.

I am using the latest from itch. Moment I activate Animation Nodes it started complaining to the point I couldn’t activate/reactivate both add-ons. Console throwing. Sorry I didn’t document it properly because I was trying to get renders out the door and had to reset from fresh install. Using AN for motion graphics with Armory sounds awesome though.
This is on windows 10 also.

Just chiming hin here with a possibly related issue. I am on latest GitHub and if I try too add a material node (empty scene, node editor, material, tick use nodes, shift+a, Blender just beachballs immediately…

Not issues in the Armory node view or Sverchok (I don’t have AN installed at the moment).

I’ll try add the Armory Add-on to blender nightly (2.79.3) and see if it happens there too.

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So no crash on nightly build of blender but the search in nodes does not work.

PS I have my search nodes set to RMB (working in an add-on to make node panels like UE4 - trying to get search on dropping a noodle in empty space)

I have set search on RMB just as a keymap. Even if I disable that still no seaching Armory nodes. But at least its not crashing :slight_smile:

Reverting this change fixes for me so it may not be the AN problem - sorry