Animation that is affected by being a ragdoll "physics system"

Because I am able to talk to the developer of Armory, I would like to suggest an important yet *possibly missing system/capability in Blender. It is important for realistic simulations/games/etc.

Ragdolls jiggle around when they fall. Animation by users makes the bones/objects move a certain way. But in Blender (and I assume Armory), when a animation plays, it isn’t affected by “ragdoll”, I mean, its arm will rotate up (user defined) but won’t be affected by gravity or collision or self-collision. No velocity/inertia is being played with and mixed using both ragdoll physics and animation. On top of this, when a bone moves, the bones linked after it will not ragdoll around despite not moving.

Currently I’m trying to create the body for my advanced AI in Blender, then code its brain. But the body could be a deal-breaker.