Armory 0.3 in viewport [solved]

I just get Armory engine so I have to play more with it, but just to know if it is still possible to play Armory in viewport in this 0.3 version ?

There was a video where a user move a cube in the blender viewport and it was updated in realtime in Armory engine. Is it still possible ?

thanks -

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Yes, it is possible.

Can you explain how you make it possible ?
It doesn’t seem to work on 2.79 build

When I try with 2.8, I have the “play in viewport” but not in 2.79

Open Blender 2.79* inside the Armory 0.3 folder, switch to Cycles, save the .blend project and click on “Play on Viewport” button located in the 3D viewport menu bar.
*Tested on Linux.

Thank you Andrea , I think I understand ; I was using Armory as Add on but I have to use the blender built-in player to play in the viewport.

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I have the same issue. I am using the addon also and the play in viewport button is only a play button (for Krom or Browser) this is on a windows machine and has been updated to latest Git version.

Hi, I think there is no issue ; if you use Armory as add-on in your own Blender installation ; You can’t use the the player in viewport but only in a separate window.

That’s kind of a big issue!


It’s not a issue, that’s how it works. Lubos added a player inside of blender. If you try to use any blender build other than the one with the built in player, you won’t have that option. There’s no way of playing in blender’s viewport without making changes to blender’s code.