Armory 0.3 is out!

Armory v0.3

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

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Note: Using the built-in updater will not pull in all updates, please get the full package manually from

Release notes:

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  • More parent-to-bone fixes. Any object type can be parented to bone. Added new logic node - Set Parent Bone

  • Added new flag - Armory Project - Write Config. This will place a config.json file alongside the exported game, which will be used for configuring render-path at run-time. Right now you can already configure some window parameters with it.

  • Improved multi-material mesh export. Materials with no face assigned should no longer break exported file.

  • Added new post-process effect to render path - Sharpen.

  • Armory Exporter can now deploy Krom packages, producing stand-alone game distribution. Depoying docs:

  • Armory Exporter now has a built-in minifier for JS targets. It is enabled by default under Armory Project - Minify JS.

  • Armory Updater can now do more, will now also handle updating armorui.

  • Building projects with packed assets should be more reliable.

  • UI has been refactored for more clarity, especially render path should be much cleaner to use. Everything is now grouped together by relevance.

  • Added a quick-start guide on RenderDoc debugging. Note this is only tested to work for Direct3D11 at this time, rest of the apis to follow.

  • Material compiler should throw less undeclared variable errors.

  • Voxel GI system has been moved to compute, can handle multiple lamps and two bounces now. Still needs optimizaion and glitch fixes, use with care. Added new Relight option to recalculate lighting when lamp moves. Voxels doc:

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0.3 builds have been up for the last few days, so hopefully good to go now. Thanks to everyone for the tireless testing!

Two more tutorials are in the works - should be getting up shortly. I will be also releasing a set of stand-alone demos, which has been requested many times. :slight_smile:


Jehaaaa… Nice :smiley:

I’m absolute blown away! That’s absolutely awesome! Can’t wait for the IK solver to run :slight_smile: .
I’m also particularly excited about the ability to load data at run-time, will look into that more! By the way, the example (here: seems broken - it just shows a box on a plane, not a car.
Truly great work, Lubos! :slight_smile:

Very cool, some things are looking mature.
The thing I need the most now is the IK working… and the full engine working in ubuntu with mesa drivers. :cowboy_hat_face:

Great release ! Impatient to test it as usual :slight_smile: thanks and bravo Lubos and armory team :wink: