Armory 0.4 is out and free!

Armory 0.4

New builds are up and can be downloaded at:

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Get started:

Note: Using the built-in updater will not pull in all updates, please get the full package manually from or clone the sdk if you are migrating from 0.3.

Release notes:

Check out full commit logs:


  • Armory is free and open-source game engine now! :rocket:

  • 0.4a builds are up, includes fixes from the 0.4 testing period and updated b2.8 build

  • Cloning & building Armory is easy, you can set up the SDK in your Blender manually:

  • Introducing Blender 2.8 support!

  • Performance for the animated characters has been significantly improved. More still to come!

  • Materials / sounds with fake user are correctly preserved during export now

  • Rigid Body World parameters are taken into account

  • Fixes to the Normal Map and Bump nodes

  • Voxel GI is now faster, especially when using multiple lamps

  • Diffuse BSDF node is now diffuse only :grimacing: Added Specular socket support for Principled BSDF.

  • More fixes pushed for the procedural texture nodes

  • Gate logic node improved - added Almost Equal comparison, False output socket, Vector nodes can now be compared

  • Added Mix and Vector Mix nodes


  • Added Stop Agent node for controlling navmesh agents

  • Added Set Material Slot node, allows to replace object material at a given slot

  • Implemented Trait and Get Trait node - allows to work with traits using logic nodes

  • Added Get Velocity and Apply Impulse At Location by @AnadinX

  • Show Mouse node has been added - gives control of the mouse visibility

  • Play Speaker and Stop Speaker nodes added, speaker volume property now working

  • Fixes to the multi-material meshes - splitting meshes by material should be eliminated now!

  • Further improved material compiler, added material_vault scene. Check out for textures!


Thanks to all creators for the new introduction videos!

Feel free to explore repositories on GitHub for more stuff:

Hunt all the bugs, help Armory reach 1.0:

Next up:

I am working on another update covering plans for the future of Armory. The engine has started to grow way faster than I anticipated - super excited to reveal what’s next! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please keep the bug reports coming. :bug:


Baby! That’s just awesome :slight_smile:!

Holy moly man, this is amazing!

Awesome!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Pure love!

Oh man that’s soooo cool!!! :open_mouth: Thank you so much for all your awesome work! :grinning:

Wow cool, didn’t know there was a 0.4a update out. Thanks!

Congrats armory moving on with lightspeed as usual great journey big up

Awesome :grinning: @lubos Any chance to have 32-bit builds ?

I have heard about this engine since 2 days. I tried and felt in love immediately. Good job!

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Amazing introduction! Are there any plans for AR and VR?


There is a 0.4B out now? What changed? Thanks.

Awesome! Thanks for the Tensorflow integration! :slight_smile:

That’s amazing!

For all of you guys that speaks in portuguese: I’m from Brazil and I’m already creating some videos teaching Armory3D! Take a look (if you speak Portuguese, of course! :slight_smile:).

Announcing the Engine:

Introducting the engine (almost 1 hour tutorial covering the basic stuff):

Those videos already have a growing view count and the brazilian community are enjoying a lot the engine! I’m planning to create more tutorials and series about. I’m very excited! :slight_smile:

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Amazing work! I’ll be waiting with bated breath to see how this develops!

Same question here !

New funding page:

Hola blender armory 0.5 cuando sale

Hello blender armory 0.5 when it comes out

I do not know when 0.5 comes out. @lubos Any news on that?

It’s pointless to nag Lubos about dates. It’s not like 0.5 or 0.6 or 0.7 will suddenly make Armory production-ready. It’s in alpha and progressing really nicely. Just enjoy the ride, it’s going to take a while :slight_smile: