Armory 0.6-alpha-0 tests

i downloaded the latest (0.6 alpha 0) version from
and did some preliminary tests with some of the armory example scenes
they might prove usefull in debuging the next version :

  • animation (web link here)

    • dekstop
    • mobile
  • game_endlessrun (web link here)

  • physics_drag (web link here)

    • desktop
    • mobile
  • tilesheet (web link here)

    • dekstop: tiles ignore their scale
    • mobile: tiles ignore their scale
  • logic_triggers

    • desktop: hangs when clicked
      Uncaught exception:
      while(this.matsFast.length < this.skeletonBones.length) {
      at setMats (krom.js:11873:9)
      at setActionBlend (krom.js:11936:3)
      at play (krom.js:11954:5)
      at update (krom.js:1890:5)
      at iron_App.update (krom.js:5782:3)
      at Anonymous function (krom.js:24850:3)
      at kha_Scheduler.executeTimeTasks (krom.js:24734:4)
      at kha_Scheduler.executeFrame (krom.js:24686:3)
      at kha_SystemImpl.renderCallback (krom.js:25439:2)
  • material_translucent/translucent (web link here)

    • desktop
    • mobile
  • physics_softbody

    • dekstop(krom):
      Armory v0.6 ($Id: ebccb44905d7131d996bc0d21e7836e6d91df402 $)
      OS: win, Target: krom, GAPI: direct3d11, Blender: 2.80 (sub 39)
      Exporting Scene
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 444, in execute
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 408, in play
      build(target=runtime_to_target(is_viewport), is_play=True, is_viewport=is_viewport)
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 357, in build
      export_data(fp, sdk_path)
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 108, in export_data
      exporter.execute(bpy.context, asset_path, scene=scene)
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 2065, in execute
      self.export_object(bo, self.scene)
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 984, in export_object
      self.post_export_object(bobject, o, type)
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 2431, in post_export_object
      self.add_softbody_mod(o, bobject, m, 0) # SoftShape.Cloth
      File “D:/Armory_06a0/armsdk//armory/blender\arm\”, line 2599, in add_softbody_mod
      if soft_type == 0 and soft_mod.settings.use_pin_cloth:
      AttributeError: ‘ClothSettings’ object has no attribute ‘use_pin_cloth’

      location: :-1

      location: :-1

  • physics_raycast

    • desktop(krom): does not print anything
  • script_genmesh

    • dekstop(krom): build failed
  • game_bowling/bowling

    • desktop: blender crashes when i press “play” (krom/browser)

Only play in Cycles do not use Eevee yet.
Cycles almost plays everything. Eevee is quite unstable.

I don’t understand.
Does not Armory uses it’s own rendering engine ?
Or does it uses some Blender real time render engine like Cycles or Eevee ?

@MagicLord It has it own rendering engine, it doesnt use eevee or cycles at all(is it sarcasm?).

@Aqua It dosent matter if you select cycles or eevee, armory has it own rendering engine, and it doesnt use cycles or eevee at all.

@nassosyian Wow! that will be really helpful.

I don’t understand @Aqua comment about Cycles or Eevee when those are not used in Armory.

Armory strives to match (as much as is possible for a realtime engine)
the materials used when lighting with Cycles.
but other than it has its own realtime render engine that does NOT
rely on Cycle or Eevee in any way.

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The material definitions could be any format or any concept or any system, this could be some external program to create the materials, but the real time renderer uses common shaders, the real time graphics and render is shaders and has nothing to do with Blender cycles or Eevee.

I think some users like @Aqua misunderstand what Armory is.

It does so for me. I simply do not understand why.
WHEN i PLAY on Eevee it crashes or gives an error but runs fine on cycles.
I think it is something about my laptop(Not much good performance).
Sorry if I caused some misunderstandings. :expressionless:

What do you mean by play in eevee? turning on rendering in Eevee or pressing play button while in eevee renderer? Switching between eevee and cycles and playing has nothing to do with armory as it is not connected in any sort of way, so it look like it is blender 2.8 bug

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you might want to read my answer more carefully.
i never said it uses the material definitions (that is not even technically possible),
i said that it tries to match their appearance so that the realtime result looks as close as is technically possible to the offline rendered image in Cycles (@lubos used to showcase comparisons of Armorys render output with Cycles from version 0.1 even) .

@Aqua this might be a problem with your graphics card driver, blender or a yierd conflict with armory(?), or all of the above.
remember that both Blender and Armory are still in development so bugs may arise.
try to download a version of blender without armory and test your scene there,
or to another computer in order to better understand what may be the cause of this.

Perhaps some modifications would help some users.

  1. Click on “Play” Armory will always use it’s render.
    Whatever is selected in the Render Engine menu ( “Eevee or WorkBench or Cycles” )

  2. Add a new item “Armory 3D” in the render engine choices.

This would make things less confusing.

Alpha 0.6 feedback :

  • When modifications are made to logic nodes, when compile and run they are not taken account. Must clean project to have modifications.
    Should clean be automatic ?

  • Rendering seems slow, without global illumination, a simple flat colors scene seems to be slower than on 2.79.

OH! so you need to CLEAN them!!!
I always restarted blender .L.O.L.

It shouldn’t be necessary to clean the project to update the nodes. That might be fixed with the latest version. I saw that that there was a commit titled “new cache” or something like that, that is probably related. You might be able to fix the problem just by disabling the cache ( the “Cache Build” checkbox ) :


Some issues i found

1)The particle example with smoke, doesn’t work, Armory displays a mesh and no particles.

2)There is an issue with global rendering.
Render is too dark with very bright directional light, using “filmic 2” post process makes it more lighten, but it should be lot more lighten (adding Voxel AO it’s even more darker).

3)Known issue is material render.
You have a screenshot with Armory, UE4, Godot 3.
Armory does not render material correctly (same textures for same material slots), same bright lighting.

Like bug that has been fixed for physics, the release needs lot more time for graphics , but we can continue testing 0.6.
It will be ready when it’s ready.

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