Armory 0.6 when released

Armory 0.6 when it leaves or is released

Armory 0.6 havent be released and is in work. Latest version is 0.5 well, you can update you sdk through blender plugin to get 0.6 version(which is still in work).

What was the point of this thread? There will be a thread posted when the release happens bu Lubos.

Like already mentioned, will just add that once Blender 2.8 beta is out Armory 0.6 will follow asap. :hammer:

You can experiment with the latest git version by using the updater:


Can we expect physic and graphics issues fixed for 0.6, or are they delayed to another version (too much work or no solution already found) ?
Some important ones :

  • Metallic and roughness textures not working
  • Emissive for materials not working
  • physics gravity not working after a delay

@MagicLord I am aware of these issues, there is no need for you to haunt me with them in every forum post. :wink: You can monitor the progress on github if you are interested, it’s all open there. The rigid-bodies-getting-stuck issue was already fixed several days ago.


I updated SDK in addons menu to last version, this is the weird physics that happens just running the third person demo.

That’s okay, i won’t insist about physics, just saying this is worst than before.