Armory 3D Nixie clock

Running brqwser clock. Compiled with mobile option. Works also on phones.

See also thread local system time in Haxe topics.


Looks really cool! And shows the correct time now. Maybe as a next step, the user could orbit around it (or rotate the clock)…? With limited rotation of course, so the user does not end up behind the clock.

Glad you like it. Your proposal would be (too) easy to make, as you already published the complete and nicely working node setup. But i like the minimal version here. Apart from that, i am preparing a new clock, just don´t really have time right now to continue

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Unfortunately it’s not working for me :frowning:

Firefox, Win 11

UPDATE: Nvm, I left it waiting for a few minutes and it works now? Weird

Hmm, “Secure Boot”, Win11 ?

Joke removed because of misunderstanding

cant remember asking for your opinion on my OS

Joke removed because of it might be even more misunderstood.

Sorry, did not at all intend to offend you.