Armory Engine not working

so ive followed everything in the manual and i get this error when ever i press “Play In Viewport”.

if i can get help with this as soon as possible it be awesome.


Which OS are you running? Is this Armory 0.2 from or git version?

Any more errors shown when you hit Window - Toggle System Console (or start Blender from console)? Is this the default .blend? Do any of the examples work?

Looks like something prevented armory to register some of the properties.

The OS is Windows, its Armory 0.2 from
it is the default blender.
i have fixed it kinda by using it as an addon.

Some Bugs i have Noticed are Group instances causing a black screen on play.
another one is that if using the properties panel to put in textures it uses the Alpha connection for everything except Diffused and Normal.