Armory for simulation and visualisation

Armory should try industry simulation and visualisation or archi viz.
This is a direction Unity is taking, they believe there is lot more money to make in what is not gaming related.

The benefit is the possibility to get lot of money support, this would help a lot Armory development.
Focus on simulation needs Armory to become reliable and stable 3D engine, this directly benefits games physic gameplay.

What do you think ?
Should Armory advert for non game related companies ?

Ue4 is used for this too.
Look if we do this, then we need ultra good graphics. If we focus on core of Armory Engine, then we need physics, logic, flexibility, etc.
Lubos is already working in graphics(which is 0.6 objective) and Armory engine core need more work.
You complained about Armory engine core first and then said we have enough good graphics, Now you are saying armory should try with industries simulation and archiviz, and let me tell you, focusing on archiviz and stuff by no mean will improve physics gameplay. and of course getting money support from it would not be enough to support engine. well at the end of day i would agree less with you(I am not saying i am completely disagreeing with you) and well lubos already got lot on his plate.
At the end of day I agree 10% with you.
I think armory need to be finished as game engine itself and yeah you can do archiviz and stuff now and no one is prevent you from doing that, but focusing on it would be too much.

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Simulation emphasys is on physics, collisions and performance; it’s not about game best graphics.
Best graphics is for car advert, movies making with 3D engine or archi viz.

I was wrong, it can’t render substance textures correctly as expected or emissive materials.

I mean Armory focus to become non gaming industry clients instead of focusing on game tools and features.
Simulation, once graphics are working possible to advert cars or any products in a browser.

Let aside terrain and all other game related features to focus first on strong physics and performance.
And get new techniques for ultra realistic rendering of small static scenes.

Simulation using physics, we got that request already and Armory is not easy to and stable physics to create such things :

This could change a lot if Armory would get some non gaming company support, it could also allow to hire some dev to work full time on Armory.
I mean this would have more advantages, but i agree Armory needs first to get reliable and stable physics.

I already use it for ArchViz in my office, Armory works great for that - It fits nicely into my workflow line of Revit => Blender, along with a few custom scripts to prepare existing materials, etc. - I can’t get anyone else in the office on the boat though, they understandably prefer Lumion due to it being much easier to use (Blender’s interface doesn’t help here). - But graphics wise, I’m already getting some top notch result, and coupling Armory’s HTML5 export with libraries such as Processing.js to display graphs for building-percentages, energy-efficiency, daylight-maps - It doesn’t get much better than that.


What seems so awesome to me about Armory is gaming. But that will depend entirely on who you are and what you are trying to do. I absolutely agree that it could be and is amazing for ArchViz and other applications as well, but we need to focus on one thing I think, and we have already told the world that Armory is a game engine. If you could get somebody interested in helping develop Armory with a focus on ArchViz or simulation or whatever else it is, then that is great and he can do that as Lubos works on the rest of it, but I think that the focus of Armory should be games at the moment.