Armory soft body. What's missing?

Can anybody give me instructions or tutorials on how to setup a simple soft body?

I opened the example and it works perfectly but I’m probably missing something fundamentally cause my own mesh just explodes whenever I start the game :frowning:

My process:

  1. add floor plane/box, define as rigid body
  2. add torus, define as soft body
  3. Hit F5, booom!

I checked for traits or anything but couldn’t find any in the example scene softbody.blend

Should I read BGE Physics tutorials to get a better understanding of the basics of collision?

Thank you guys!

I haven’t looked at the softbody example yet but just wanted to make sure that you haven’t scaled your object or forgot to apply its transforms.

hope it helps.

maybe you’ll find the answer here


I ran into the same issue a while ago: For some reason you have to enable smooth shading on your soft body. That option is in the tool shelf (‘t’ - key). Does that help?

Could be a bug, not sure.


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Thank you so much guys. The Smooth Shading did the trick @donalffons :grinning::thinking: