Armory Tutorial Series

Awesome!. One quick question, why dont you take your time and publish it in Udemy and etc ? I would pay for a full and complete course (15+>hours). Or maybe you are waiting Armory to be production ready and stable first ?

In running GameFromScratch and now devgame I try to help as many people as possible, so I prefer not to lock away content behind a paywall if I can. Basically want to reach and help as many people as possible. I am offering a few perks though, like early access to in development tutorials to backers. If Armory proves popular, which I think it will, once it’s stable I may do a book on the subject.


Well ouch… this thread was hidden. This will make the series extremely short if it’s not possible to announce or discuss it…

It was auto-hidden by Discourse(due to links or something), I fixed it.

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Thanks Lubos, appreciated. Oh and if you happen to spot an error in my content, please do let me know. I try my best to be as accurate as possible, but errors happen.

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I’m no expert but I recall seeing some of the above listed on armory’s github

A couple of updates. The first two video tutorials are now online.

Also created a (rather small) Youtube playlist for the series which will grow over time.

I also updated the Scripting Basics text tutorial to include debug console and bundled traits.

Added a new video tutorial, Handling Input. Covers handling input (keyboard/mouse specifically) using both Nodes and Haxe, in both polled and event driven formats. Also covers sending events and a few other topics. The text version of this tutorial is here. Should have Sound and Music video tutorial up tomorrow, then hopefully new text tutorials up by weekends end or early next week.


thanks for the tuts, much appreciated! :smiley: At the moment I have so many questions that is hard to suggest some particular topics, I will just follow these for the moment! :slight_smile:

EDIT: actually, there’s something that is really bugging me. I can’t get actions to work correctly. there’s even an example file, but for some reason I can’t make it work in my file. I can play one action, but it won’t switch to others. Eventually the action just stop (randomly :smiley: ) and then starts again, but I never managed to play more than one action in my game. So, I’d love an episode about actions :slight_smile:

By actions do you just mean action nodes like the follow?

If so, you should simply just be able to use them. Keep in mind they need to be feed by some sort of event, like On Update used above, or Input driven events like On Keyboard. Otherwise it should just be a matter of connecting their In connector from an event. You can then chain multiple actions like shown above.

If I’m misunderstanding you, please let me know and I’ll see if I can go into more detail on it.

no I mean armature actions, so basically animating a character. There’s an example file called “animation_actions” that shows how to do it. it’s an extremely simple setup, but for some reason I can’t make it work properly. I can only play one action on my character.

New text tutorials now online:
Creating Custom Nodes
Camera & Character Controllers

The first one shows you how to extend Armory by creating your own custom logic nodes, in this case we implement a simple node for switching the active camera. The second one shows how to use cameras, with both Haxe and Nodes, then looks at some of the built in and Logic Pack options for camera controls.
Also published the video for Sound & Music tutorial. Of course the Table of Contents is here, while the playlist is here.


Ah ok, that makes a lot more sense. Will certainly be covering animations.

thanks, looking forward for it! And great new additions in the meantime! :slight_smile:

Have already watched some of your videos!

I’d like to know more about animation and how one can best create typical locomotion states, whether there are blend trees/blendspaces and layered/filtered animation.

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Thanks for the support. Keep up the good work! It has been helpful to me.:slight_smile:

Particles tutorial, please.

I definitely want to cover particles, but I think it’s a topic I could just touch at a surface level, as I think this is an area in the engine that is subject to a lot of future implementation and change. Prefer to try to avoid those kinds of topics for now, figuring it’s one of those topics I should wait on. Is this accurate Lubos, or would such a tutorial stay pretty stable?

Going to get the two missing videos done this week and working on an animation tutorial next as that seems to be the most requested topic. New video should be online tomorrow.

Kinda sucks though, Youtube is being pretty awful, so a lot of people aren’t getting notified of new videos which suffice to say is a bit annoying. Then again, I can’t complain too much, Blender had their entire channel blocked! :wink:

Armory3D creating custom logic nodes video tutorial now live, showcasing how to extended Logic Nodes in Blender by creating plugins using Haxe. This is the video version of this text tutorial. I’m not 1 video away from parity with the text tutorials… woot.