Armory3D thinks I have a gamepad connected but I don't

Armory3D thinks I have a gamepad connected but I don’t. Im running on Mac mini 2018 with a wireless mouse and Magic Keyboard.

Here is my code.
private function onInit()
mouse = Input.getMouse();
gamepad = Input.getGamepad(0);

private function onUpdate() 

	//Set Rotation from Mouse
	//if (!gamepad.connected)
		var mx = -(App.w() / 2 - mouse.x) / App.w();
		var my = (App.h() / 2 - mouse.y) / App.h();
		var mv = new Vec4(mx, my,0).normalize();

	//Build Transform Matrix

hi @nickkorta!! if you want to print something(output, trace idk) then you have to set a string in there. Example: trace(“Hello world”) or trace (“Gamepad connected!”)
but i don’t think that is the solution but i hope it helped you!

I am already tracing gamepad.connected. I get back true for what ever reason even though I don’t have a controller connected. I was using that for debugging.