Basic Interactive Mode Tutorials using only Logic Nodes Request

Hello. It would be nice to have a tutorial where it also helps out the blender users that are not into scripting by giving them an alternative which is the logic nodes.

An interactive Mode/game will be a good start and it may interest some blender users to use armory3d aside from using the unity playmaker which is their non coding/scripting version.

Some good Interactive mode examples would be like teigger a door to open, turning on the light using a switch, moving an object, carrying an object, throwing an object, turning on a tv, and many more.


Hello @johnpdelacruz26!! I have on my Youtube channel absolute beginner tutorial videos also including some nodes set up. If you are interessted then go to my channel:

Have a good day!


Thanks for the input. I will look into it.

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You can also check out the ArmoryBlenderGame channel on YouTube. I haven’t posted in a while due to many issues but there are a bunch of tutorials all using Nodes.


Yep. There’s also a few places where you can go to learn more listed at the end of the first post on the FAQ post here (including Armory, Blender, Game :wink: )

Thank you. I will try to look into it.

What I noticed is not so much tutorials being created lately and I think there are a lot of people like me that are not too focused in first person modes but more in interactive modes and designs.

This would probably gain some interest and use the game engine more especially that evee is already a good render engine.

Thanks by the way for the link.

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I tested Armory a year ago hoping that the node setup would be friendlier to pure 3D artist not scripting and I begin publish Web 3d for advertising not game using two another software instead. I hope Armory take interest on the untapped advertising market other than compete with matured Unreal & Unity game engine. The interactive functions we need are quite simple but I have no clue how to do it with Armory node.

My first and last Armory export:
And this is made with other software:

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Sometimes I wonder if Armory 3d is making a progress or keeping up with blender. The tutorial community is so scarce and makes you think that only people who are already into programming are mostly making use of it.

The turorials are somewhat old but you can still learn something from those. One thing I would like to see is a new tutorial that accomodates those poeple who are not planning to go deep in programming and just want to use the program as a part of their projects presentation and it is focused more on interactive programs.

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What are your needs? What would you like to know how to do?

I think there maybe some tutorials out there that can tap on what we are looking for, which are the tutorials that helps us being familiar with nodes for making an effective interactive program.

The videos however that are in youtube are too simple in a way and not too specific to what we are looking for and the information is somewhat scattered or lacking for you to progress from beginner to nearly intermediate. Most of the tutorials in my opinion just gives you an overview and not similar to Blender Guru’s style of teaching, although it is a different field.

Lastly, just as the other user said it is somehow too focused on first person and third person gaming and not too much of the user interface and interactive programming side. This is the main reason why I wanted Blender to keep yheir game engine and just focus on interactive side of programming and let Armory 3d focus on what goal they are intending to do.

The basic scene navigation: rotate, zoom and pan with mouse (left/right, middle click).
Scene and object fade in and out, animate its key frame range.
Tween the camera to a specific location and point at a target with speed control.
Load another web page/ video/ scene.
Sprite and uv mesh animation.

Armory is in conflict with another program, I had to detach the other addon and enable it to use, too troublesome.

Which one are you referring to?

Verge 3D of soft8soft, previously from Blend4web.

Philip - try this for camera movement - Fly through navigation controller - how to adjust axis for forward and back movement

You would need the latest SDK release for above to work.

And this tutorial shows a great product viewer -
something broke it in a recent release but I’ve no doubt Monte might be able to fix it.

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