Benchmark 1 - Spaceship Interior

It looks like MacOS 10.12 introduced a feature which makes that harder too - App Translocation. Basically there is a chance .app folder gets mounted onto randomized location at startup, preventing to easily locate files distributed with it.

Edit: Can probably integrate something similar:

is any update on window size?

I added a browser version at:

@nictaylr: Is it the same in the browser? I am starting to think that Depth of Field effect is just too strong, disabling it completely may do the trick. :slight_smile:


Only ~9 MB, very nice! I may be busy with my thesis but I’m keeping a very close eye around here hehe :smiley:

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Browser version works well here, is my impression or it’s faster than Krom Version? :slight_smile:

Happy to hear! Should be possible to get it down to 7 MB soon - using bullet/ammo physics module through webassembly saves some space + Armory now optionally computes tangents on the gpu, can shave down model data sizes a bit.

@AndreaMonzini Yes, it’s indeed faster but the reason is reduced resolution. :slight_smile: For the Krom version I did not want to go below 1280x720, while the browser version is at 960x500 if I recall.

Otherwise the browser penalty seems to be up to 25% slower. We might get rid of that penalty though - new graphic APIs are starting to appear in browsers.

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The Browser freezes unfortunatly when it finished downloading, but the offline version works at 30fps on a gt620m. The use of the integrated graphics of the i3 2328M result in a white screen (i waited 10min). 6gb drr3, gt 620m, i3 2328m, win 8.1