Best switch colors method

Imagine that you want to show a light which you can switch its color. Several possibilities to do it are available and maybe you can tell us the best one and why ?

insert a keyframe in the color input, and make it an action in the action editor, and play it using the “play action” node.

We can find a good list here

what’s the best and why for you ?

or in other terms what’s preferable to use in which case …

I just like the method listed above because it’s simple, easy, and doesn’t require any new knowledge to experienced blender users.

@sans-iccal ok, thanks

Didn’t you find some difficulties to make it an action and then use it into a Play Action node without getting an error ?

(error = cannot read property ‘animation’ of undefined)

hmmmm, could it be that it isn’t supported? I use that method for texture and material changes, never actually tried the color, lol.

De mon côté, Actually I use the empty coordinates to pilot the fact of a mix shader otherwise I use the SetMaterialSure node.

But the more efficient solution seems to be using tilesheet, even more so if you are targeting a small target ?