Best way to model a sub-divided contact object?

In my game, various objects can come in contact with (say …) a ball, and I’ll need to respond based on where that contact occurred. Each object has several (shall we say) “target areas” on its perimeter, and I need to know which one of those areas was struck, so that I can cause it to change colors, the player to gain/lose points, and so on.

In my mind’s eye, I can think of several different possibilities for ways to do this, but I’d love to hear comments from others who’ve done similar things. Are the contact areas separate objects? And so on.

What you think about placing several invisible objects around the main object. So they would spawn a lamp or particle effect that has a certain color when they are touched?
It would be nice if you have any concept art or a screenshot because I’m not sure if I understand your situation correctly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s say … “several concentric rings, each divided into quarters.” When the ball impacts each ring, I need to know not only that [which? …] ring was impacted by the ball, but on which quarter of that ring the impact occurred.

Rings.blend (898.4 KB) Did you mean something like this?

I had to make rings the physics object to detect collision with the mesh itself because ‘volume trigger’ detects the collision with a bounding box.
Also, I can’t get to work ‘set material node’ don’t know why so I make rings invisible instead of changing their color.