Blender 2.8 Armory export?

@lubos has been pushing some commits to the github repository lately labeled “2.8 exporter”, and now Ton Rosendaal himself states this in the mailing list:

Related to this work is also to enable good support (export or some kind of integration) for external game engines such as Godot, Armory, Blend4Web, Unreal, Unity, etc.
I especially invite the first three (open source) projects to connect with us to find ways to keep a high level of compatibility.

If you read the full mail, you will see that they hired Benoit Bolsee to work on an “Interactive Mode”, which also includes some kind of Logic Node system. The thing sounds to me like you would build your entire game in Blender, then export it somehow to another engine which is then only used to export the game with its render+physics engine, otherwise the node based logic has not very much use inside of Blender if you would have to redo it in the other engine.
Armory seems like it is perfectly suited for this, I can Imagine it working with Godot, but Unity?

However, it is also said that they will be

bringing back a good real-time interactive 3D system in Blender

So is BGE coming back too? Someone will find a way to export it even if that won’t be its intended use.

EDIT: Now Lubos tweeted that Armory will in fact use this, so yay! :tada: