Broken Mac Version?


Is it possible that the latest build on itch is broken? issue: it takes ages to open, and it opens blender 2.79 but not the armory version. i’ve even de-installed all my standard blender versions.
(iMac 5k, 4ghz i7, amd radeon 4096mb) - i tested every version since build 6 and never had this issue.

thank you

Does it say “Play in Viewport” down at the 3d View? The Armory Renderer name was removed with an update. On windows it also takes a bit longer to start than standart Blender

Play in viewport isnt there seems to be the standard 2.79 blender version … thanks for help would love to test 0.1

anyone using mac with armory? current mac version on itch is broken… @lubos ?

I had an issue with an addon being incompatible that caused a problem similar to yours, try disabling all third party addons and enable them one by one to determine which one of them doesn’t play well with Armory. For me, the culprit was the Speedflow addon. I opened an issue regarding this on github.

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Tested on macOS high sierra 10.13.2 and appears to be ok here.:confused:

@ktk if you navigate to your unpacked Armory folder, right click on - Show Package Contents, then just double click on Contents/MacOS/blender file to run it with console, is there any error output? It should look something like this:

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